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Copy & Paste Review Text

One of the newer features in RocketReviews is that now your customers can copy the feedback they just left you, to use as a basis for an online review on Google, Facebook or other major review sites. How to set it up First, in your dashboard, go to <> and then click on <>. ?Click … Read More

3 Ways to Ask for Reviews

Most businesses using RocketReviews?email their customers asking for feedback and online reviews. ?Did you know that RocketReviews?offers 3 different formats for your first feedback request email (or even just a review request email)? It’s true, and each one has it’s own specific goal – to get you customer feedback, a review or both. Let’s look … Read More

AdWords – What Did I Just Buy?

If you don’t want to be slimed with the essence of geekiness then you should stay out of the paid search department of an SEO office. These guys and gals dive into data like holiday elves into sugar bowls. A recent SearchEngine Journal article by Jacob Baadsgaard showed the impact of not tracking your conversions … Read More

Content is King!

Every industry has it’s buzzwords that could easily become a conference room drinking game. Take a shot every time someone says, ‘outside of the box’, ‘sales funnel’ or ‘brand equity’. In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world “Content is King” is a term that has been around from the earliest days of SEO. The ongoing … Read More

SEO 101 – My Search Results Jump Around!

(Note: If you’re new to our blog this is the place where we give general basic tips to the business owner who may not understand SEO or even how their website was built. We try to keep it at a high level without being too nerdy or geeking out.) Have you ever put some words … Read More

Did Your Website Succeed Yesterday?

So you finally have a minute to breathe and you think maybe you should check your website stats. So where do you go? Wouldn’t it be nice to get an email each morning that said, “You’re website got a B+ yesterday”? Even if there was such a service, the first thing you would have to … Read More

Keep Your Business Out of Lost and Found

Often for reasons of cost savings or convenience, many businesses choose to rely on what we call “borrowed media” – free, cloud based sources such as BlogSpot, Facebook, Instagram and other free services for their business’ entire online presence instead of investing in their own website. The price tag of placing your business entirely in … Read More

Nice Assets… Are They Linkable?

Remember when your mother told you that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?? Your mama was probably talking about being sweet to all that you meet versus being “just plain hateful”. ?This idiom happens to apply just as nicely to today’s strategies for content marketing and link building to enhance your … Read More

The Power of Online Reviews for Your Business

If you haven’t incorporated customer reviews into your marketing plan yet, it’s time to enable this crucial service. Online customer reviews are an important tool for two main reasons: 88% of people said they read reviews to check the quality of local businesses (according to BrightLocal’s 2014 Customer Review Survey) Reviews make up almost 10% … Read More

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