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How To Add An Agency As A User To Your Google Search Console Account

Use your Google Account to sign in to Google Search Console and: ? Choose your website property in?Search Console. 2. Click the Settings icon in the navigation pane in the bottom left side of your screen. 3. In Property Settings, click ‘Users & permissions’. Note: If you don’t see ‘Users & permissions’, you don’t have … Read More

Optimized Feedback Templates and Default Content

Release Date: January 23, 2020 Feedback templates for Email Requests and landing pages in all Request Modes are optimized for the consumer mobile experience including: Ultimate Mode Default Content Review Mode Default Content Direct Mode Default Content Automatic Logo Height/Width Reduced vertical spacing Auto-scrolling Ultimate Mode Default Content The default content for Ultimate Mode is … Read More

User Role Permissions

This feature is not available at this time. User Role Permissions Target Release Date: Mid February 2020 User Role Permissions allow you to customize the default permissions of User Roles. To edit User Role Permissions, follow these steps: To edit User Role Permissions you must be the Account Owner or an Administrator. Log in to … Read More

User Roles

This feature is not available at this time. User Roles Target Release Date: Mid February 2020 When you add a user to RocketReviews, you must select a user role. User roles assign permissions to a user such as the ability to read reviews, send requests, or access billing information. By default, each user role has … Read More

Default Configuration

Edit the Default Configuration for your account to change the settings and presets in the system that is applied to new business locations. If you are uploading multiple business locations that share the same settings, use Default Configuration to save time. Changes to Default Configuration will not affect existing businesses. Only newly added business locations … Read More

Reply to Facebook Recommendations

Once you have completed Facebook Authorization you can reply to, edit, or delete replies to your Facebook Recommendations in Customer Activity. You can also respond to reviews via the Reviews Report and Success Report. To reply to a Facebook Recommendation from within RocketReviews, follow these steps: Log in to your RocketReviews?account. Complete Facebook Authorization to enable the ability … Read More

Business ID

Get Business ID for a Single Location Get Business IDs for Multiple Locations Get Business ID for a Single Location To get the Business ID for a single location, follow these steps: Log in to your RocketReviews account. If you have multiple locations, select the location you would like to view the Business ID for … Read More

What Are Google Customer Reviews?

Google Customer Reviews is a free Google service offering Seller Ratings, Product Ratings, and a Google Customer Reviews badge for e-commerce websites to help attract more qualified shoppers to your site. Any e-commerce website can participate, but you’ll get the most benefits if you are participating in Google Ads’ Search and Shopping marketing campaigns. Seller … Read More

Facebook Authorization

To reply to Facebook Recommendations via RocketReviews you must complete Facebook Authorization. If you have previously completed Facebook Authorization, re-authorization is required to enable replies. Complete Facebook Authorization for RocketReviews Remove Facebook Authorization for a Single Location Remove Facebook Authorization for RocketReviews Complete Facebook Authorization for RocketReviews To complete Facebook Authorization for RocketReviews, follow these steps: … Read More

Edit Sites Monitored for Reviews

RocketReviews allows you to monitor 3rd-party online reviews sites for new reviews of your business. You can add to or delete sites monitored for reviews. Add a Site To Monitor for Reviews Delete a Site Monitored for Reviews Add a Site To Monitor for Reviews To add a site to monitor for reviews, follow these … Read More

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